March 10th, 2022

What are Service Providers?

Nathaniel Deshpande | Reading time: 2 Minutes

TL;DR Service Providers are third party integrations that were introduced in version 1.8.5 of Closed Caption Creator. We currently support Service Providers for Automatic Transcription (speech-to-text), and Automatic Translation. As of version 1.8.5, users have access to DeepL (translation), Google Translation (translation), Deepgram (transcription), Assembly AI (transcription), Rev AI (transcription), and Google Speech-to-Text (transcription).

When we started developing Closed Caption Creator, we wanted to create a simple application for fixing Scenerist (.scc) files used for broadcasting in North America. Closed Caption Creator has become so much more than this today.

Today we are introducing Service Providers to allow us to extend the capabilities of Closed Caption Creator. We have realized that it is impossible to build everything our users need ourselves. Therefore, it makes more sense to  start to integrate where possible, and only build what we need to. By using Service Providers we can include best-of-breed solutions for services like automatic speech recognition (speech-to-text), and translation.

"....we have decided to create a platform that offers its users a choice."

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) has become ubiquitous in subtitling software. And for good reason. There are many companies today offering ASR services via an API. But who does it the best? At this point there is no clear winner. Each provider has its strengths and weaknesses. For this reason we have decided to create a platform that offers its users a choice. If you think Rev does a better job transcribing your videos, then use Rev. If you think Google does it best, then you can select Google. We are here to provide our users options and tools to get their work done.

The same case can be made for translation tools. We have learned over the past year that localization is about more than just translation. Localization requires thought and domain expertise so that translations have the same impact in the secondary language as they do in the primary. Localization can not be done by a machine alone (at least not yet). We have introduced DeepL and Google Translate as Service Providers to be used as tools in order to help provide a better starting place for projects that require a secondary language.

The following table provides additional information for each Service Provider along with their website address. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions, or require assistance using one of the new Service Providers.

Service ProviderService Provider TypeWebsite
Google Cloud TranslationTranslation
DeepL TranslationTranslation
Rev AITranscription
Assembly AITranscription
Google Speech-To-TextTranscription