Subtitle editor made for freelancers & teams.

With Closed Caption Creator you can create, edit, and publish subtitles and closed captioning for your video.

Available for all platforms

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Automatic Subtitles

Automatically generate accurate subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate your subtitles, and closed captioning to 100+ languages.

Desktop & Web

Available for Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux, and Google's Chrome Browser.

Universal File Support

Support for over 25 different subtitle, and closed captioning file formats.

Video Export

Add subtitles to your video to help increase engagement on social media.

Interactive Timeline

Easily navigate, and make edits to your project using the Interactive Timeline.


Our subtitle editor makes creating subtitles fast and easy.

Closed Caption Creator is used by freelancers and teams all over the world to create 100% accurate subtitles, and closed captioning for video. Do you need to create your own subtitles, and closed captioning? Our subtitle editor is a great choice. We offer an all-in-one solution that allows you to create subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts in whatever format you may require.

  • No video upload required
  • Unlimited projects and languages
  • No storage or file size restrictions
  • Flexible pricing with no commitment
  • 24/7 email & live chat support

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Want to know more about Closed Caption Creator? Watch our short introduction to learn about some of our most popular features.

Industries Served

Closed Caption Creator is used by freelancers, and teams across multiple industries to create 100% accurate subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts. 

  • Broadcast Television & Film
  • Education
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Government
  • Podcasting
  • Journalism
  • Performing Arts & Theater
  • House of Worship

The Interface

Closed Caption Creator has a powerful NEW interface designed with feedback from customers and industry professionals.

The user interface of subtitle editor showing how to add subtitles to video.
  • 1 Media Player

    The media player supports multiple audio, and video formats. Users can import media from local storage, YouTube, Vimeo, or cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3).

  • 2 QuickTools Drawer

    The QuickTools Drawer is where users will find tools to help when creating subtitles. Edit your subtitle style, search and replace key words and phrases, and check your work using custom style guides.

  • 3 Event Groups

    Event Groups gives you greater control in how you choose to organize your project. For example, you can create event groups to manage multiple languages, or have multiple event groups for different members of your team when working collaboratively.

  • 4 Event Editor

    The Event Editor is where you will find all of your subtitle events listed along with important metadata. Each event allows you to update the start and end timecodes, position, text, and caption style.

  • 5 Interactive Timeline

    The Interactive Timeline provides an alternative view of the events from the Event Editor (4). Built around the simplicity of drag-and-drop, users can update the timing of events, and even create new events all from the Timeline.

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More than just a simple subtitle editor...

Subtitle editor for creating subtitles and closed captioning.

Closed Captioning & Subtitles

Closed Caption Creator can help you create subtitles and closed captioning for broadcast, social media, and on-demand platforms such as Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Easily import your video from almost anywhere, and add your subtitles. You can create subtitles automatically using speech-to-text, import a text document, or manually input them yourself. Our subtitle editor makes the process fast and efficient.

Subtitle editor showing audiovisual translation of video

Audiovisual Translation

Audiovisual translation (AVT) is easy with Closed Caption Creator. We have been working with AV translators to design a workflow that is simple and intuitive to follow. Translation Event Groups allow you to see both the original language text along with the translation. Closed Caption Creator Pro also provides integrations with Google Translate, ModernMT,  and DeepL to power our Automatic Translation feature. Learn more... 

Subtitle editor showing transcription events with speaker names

Audio and Video Transcription

Spend less time transcribing your audio and video files by taking advantage of Closed Caption Creator's Automatic Transcription feature. We leverage automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology from the best service providers in the industry. This includes companies such as Google, Deepgram, Assembly Ai, and Rev Ai. There is no other application that offers you the same choice, and high levels of accuracy when it comes to automatic transcription.

Feature Comparison

 Starter  Pro  Enterprise
Ai Tools
Automatic Subtitles (Transcription)*300 Minutes600 Minutes1200 Minutes
Automatic Translation
Automatic Scene Detection**
File Import
Transcript Import (.txt)
Subtitle Import (SRT, WebVTT, SCC, TTML, XML, PAC, MCC, EBU-STL, Avid DS, SBV, SUB, and many more) 
Extract closed captioning from MXF source****
Local and Cloud File Playback (H.264, WebM, Ogg, MP3 Audio, and Wave PCM)
3rd Party Player Support (YouTube, and Vimeo)
Custom Data Import (.csv)
File Export
Transcript Export (.txt, .csv, and .docx)
Burn subtitles into video**
Embed closed captions (608 & 708)****Plugin RequiredPlugin RequiredPlugin Required
Basic Subtitle Export (SRT, WebVTT, XML, TTML, SBV, SUB, and many more)
Advanced Subtitle Export (SCC, MCC, and EBU-STL)
Audio Description Export (VO, and Mixdown)***Plugin RequiredPlugin RequiredPlugin Required
Additional Features
Interactive Timeline with audio waveform
Foot Pedal Control
Cross Platform (Window, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)
Custom Subtitle Styling (e.g. font, positioning, color, background, outline, shadow, and more)
No storage or file size restrictions
Unlimited Exports and Projects
Unlimited style guides, and automatic QC tools
Realtime Error Detection
Team projects and collaboration
Number of Team Members035
Updates & Support
24/7 Email & Live Chat Support
Monthly software updates
Free training webinars
Priority Support
Account Manager

*Additional usage is charged per minute of content at a cost of $0.10/minute. Minutes can not be carried over.

**Available when using the desktop version only

***Requires Audio Description Plugin (additional cost)

****Requires Closed Caption Embed & Extraction Plugin (additional cost)

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