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Audio Description For Beginners

Learn how to create audio description and described video for broadcast

What You Will Learn

In our free beginner course for Audio Description, acquire valuable knowledge on setting up your own projects, navigating the Virtual Voice Manager to select synthetic voices, and exporting your work in a variety of formats such as text and audio. Get started on the path to mastering Audio Description today!

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Part 1


Welcome to our Audio Description Course For Beginners.  Audio descriptions are narrated descriptions of key visual elements in a film, television show, or other media content. In this course you will learn how to create audio descriptions and described video using Closed Caption Creator and our Audio Description Plugin.

Part 2

Project Setup

In this video we will walk you through setting up your first project in Closed Caption Creator. Before you begin, you will want to visit our website and download the appropriate desktop version of Closed Caption Creator for your operating system. Closed Caption Creator is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Part 3

Project Management

In the last video, we walked you through how to set up a new project in Closed Caption Creator. In this video we’ll learn how to manage our projects using both the Storage Explorer and the local storage option. 

Part 4

Virtual Voice Manager

In this video we’ll explore the Virtual Voice Manager where you can preview and pin your favourite voices. The audio description plugin includes access to over 100 voices from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. These synthetic voices can be used for creating Audio descriptions and described video. 

Part 5

AD Scripting & Events

In this video we’ll learn how to create Audio Description Events in Closed Caption Creator. Try and avoid having your descriptions overlap with the program dialog. 

Part 6

Audio Description Templates

 In this video we’ll show you how to automatically generate AD Events using AD Templates. Because Closed Caption Creator is a professional subtitle editor, it means we support more than 30 different closed caption and subtitle formats. It also means that you can have subtitles and audio description event groups as part of the same project.

Part 7

Audio Description Review

In this video we’re going to provide a brief overview of the QC and Review options in Closed Caption Creator. If you work in a team environment, there may be a person who is responsible for reviewing audio descriptions, and providing feedback.

Part 8

AD Script File Export

In this video we’ll learn how to export script files that can be used in other applications to record audio descriptions using a real voice talent. Export your work in over 30 different formats including DOCX, CSV, XLSX, and SRT.

Part 9

DaVinci Resolve Cue Sheets

In this video we’ll show you how to export your Audio Description work for use in Davinci Resolve’s ADR panel. Davinci Resolve is a popular NLE software available for free online. The ADR panel allows users to record their own AD voiceover.

Part 10

Audio Description Export

In this video we will learn how to export audio descriptions using synthetic voice. Closed Caption Creator will generate a VO mixdown for post-production, along with a complete mixdown ready for broadcast.

Part 11

ADR & MIDI Device Control

In this video we’re going to review the ADR and MIDI device control options available in Closed Caption Creator. This option allows users to control a 3rd party digital audio workstation using Closed Caption Creator. Meaning, you can navigate your project in Closed Caption Creator, and trigger records in a separate application. We’ll be using Studio One by Presonus.

Part 12

ElevenLabs Integration

The Audio Description Plugin for Closed Caption Creator includes over 100 different synthetic voices - including studio voices from Google and Microsoft. But what if you want to train your own voices, or get access to some of the highest quality voices in the industry?

Part 13

Conclusion & Next Steps

In this course we learned how to create audio descriptions and described video using Closed Caption Creator. We started by setting up a project from scratch, and writing AD for an entire trailer. We hope this course was helpful for you, and you were able to follow along.

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