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We innovate and build dedicated software solutions for the broadcast and localization industry.


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About Us

Closed Caption Creator Inc.

Closed Caption Creator was founded in 2018 in Ontario, Canada.

As a broadcast technology company, our focus is on providing accessible media solutions. We have developed a suite of applications to help create and deliver accessible media.

Our professional timed-text editor, Closed Caption Creator, is widely used by broadcasters, language service providers, and freelance editors for creating closed captioning, subtitles, transcripts, and audio descriptions.

Closed Caption Creator is available as a desktop and web application, making it a versatile solution for both on-premise and remote work environments.

We have also developed APIs and software tools to help automate closed caption workflows for enterprise customers. Closed Caption Converter not only converts between caption formats but can also be used to segment, retime, and perform automatic QC on subtitle files.

Closed Caption Converter is available as a standalone web application, CLI tool, and public API. Over 100,000 files are processed each month using Closed Caption Converter.

Contact Information

Press: press@closedcaptioncreator.com

General: hello@closedcaptioncreator.com

Closed Caption Creator running on a laptop

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Learn how to create closed captioning and subtitles using Closed Caption Creator. Watch our comprehensive 4-part video course, where you'll learn the ins and outs of transcription, timing (spotting), and delivering accurate closed captions.

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