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Team Collaboration

Turnaround projects in less time without sacrificing quality.

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Screenshot of the Team Management Dashboard

Team Projects & Collaboration

Enable new workflows through Team Collaboration

Share projects with team members and work together to deliver perfect captions and subtitles.

Closed Caption Creator allows account Admins to create and manage their own teams using the Team Management Dashboard.

Once a team is created, team members can share projects and settings to help unlock new workflows.

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Example Workflows

Screenshot of the Review and QC Workspace

Review & Approval

Invite clients and team members to review completed work and provide their feedback. Take advantage of custom tags, notes, and other metadata to communicate changes, or highlight Events that may require further attention.

Screenshot of the translation and localization workspace

Translation & Localization

Get a head start on translating closed captioning and subtitles. Share your work with a translator so that they can begin the translation workflow as you finish captioning. Changes to the original captions can then be synced with the Translation Event Group for the translator to see.

Screenshot showing the segmentation panel in Closed Caption Creator

Team Captioning

Segment large projects into smaller sections to share with multiple team members. Once each segment has been captioned, the project manager or team lead can merge all segments together to create the final version. Broadcast teams can take advantage of this workflow to deliver captions that may be required to air same-day (i.e. fast turnaround).

Screenshot of the Timeline Component with Track 2 enabled

Audio Description*

Similar to the translation and localization workflow described above, AD script writers can take advantage of the closed caption track in order to locate spots where video descriptions can be inserted. This workflow helps to increase productivity for script writers and improve the quality of work.

*Requires the Audio Description Plugin

Top Features

Automatic Captioning

Generate closed captioning and subtitles in just a few clicks. We provide access to the most accurate AI transcription services such as Deepgram, Speechmatics, and Assembly AI.

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Machine Translation

Automatically translate subtitles, and closed captioning to over 70 different languages. Our dedicated Translation UI makes it easy to review and edit translations.

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Team Collaboration

Deliver projects in less time using Closed Caption Creator's collaboration and sharing features. Team members can work together on the same project at the same time.

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Burnt-In Subtitles

Export video with burnt-in subtitles (open captions) in whatever style you like. Use custom fonts, colors, formats, and positioning. Export video for social media and more.

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QC & Review

Review and approve work completed by other members of your team. Add notes, custom tags, and other metadata to help in your approvals workflow.

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Format Support

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different subtitle file formats including plaintext transcripts, SRT, SCC, WebVtt, and more. Deliver work to clients in any format they require.

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