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Descriptive Transcript

Create descriptive video transcripts and audio descriptions all in one application.

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Descriptive Video Transcripts

Make your videos accessible online

Easily create descriptive video transcripts by merging audio descriptions and subtitle events in Closed Caption Creator.

Descriptive video transcripts (DVTs) are text files that contain both the dialogue and video descriptions. DVTs can be converted into screen-reader friendly HTML and added to a website along with the accompanying video. This provides an alternative viewing experience for users who may be Deaf or have difficulty seeing the visual information. Screen-readers should be able to read a DVT and provide the same information as watching the video.

Closed Caption Creator makes it easy to create and edit DVT files by allowing users to merge subtitle and audio description events into a single document. Timestamps, text, and formatting can be edited based on the user's requirements.

DVT files can be exported in multiple formats, including plaintext files, Microsoft Word documents (.docx), and CSV.

  • Merge audio descriptions (AD) and subtitles
  • Edit timestamps, formatting, and text
  • View the DVT alongside the video
  • Available for both web and desktop
  • Export Microsoft Word (.docx), Excel (.csv), and Plaintext (.txt) files
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Audio Descriptions & Subtitles

Create audio descriptions and subtitles all in one application

Closed Caption Creator is the only application that allows users to create subtitles and audio descriptions in the same project.

This allows users to unlock new workflows, like the ability to easily create descriptive transcripts from existing subtitles and audio descriptions.

Broadcast and media teams can benefit by using one application for closed captioning, and audio descriptions.

No more switching between different programs to create closed captioning, subtitles, and AD. Do it all with Closed Caption Creator. 

DVT Creation

Merge audio description and subtitle events to create DV transcripts

View audio descriptions, and subtitles on separate timeline tracks in order to easily edit and adjust your DVT layout.

Once subtitles and audio descriptions are merged, they will order themselves based on their start and end times. This ensures the final DVT is ordered chronologically and descriptions are properly matched to dialogue. 

Users can make further edits as required.

Export & Delivery

Export descriptive transcripts in multiple formats

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different closed caption formats, and 5 transcript formats including Microsoft Word (.docx), Excel (.csv), and plaintext (.txt).

DV transcripts are usually delivered in a custom format depending on the client. We are happy to provide alternative format options upon request.

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