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Closed Captioning for Beginners

Learn how to create closed captioning and subtitles like a pro

What You Will Learn

In this free course, we walk you through how to create closed captioning and subtitles for video using Closed Caption Creator.

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Part 1


Welcome to closed captioning for beginners. In this course you'll learn how to create subtitles and closed captioning for video. We'll start by teaching you the different ways you can transcribe your video by converting the audio to text.

Part 2

Audio & Video Transcription

In this video we're going to walk you through how to transcribe your video. Transcription is the process of taking the audio and converting it to text. This can be done manually by a person, or automatically using the power of AI.

Part 3

Timing & Sync | Caption Spotting

Spotting is the step in your closed caption workflow where you assign timecodes to the start and end of each caption event. This process is also known as cueing, time coding, or timing. There are many ways to achieve the same result. Our goal is to have the captions appear on screen in sync with the audio.

Part 4

Exporting Subtitles & Closed Captioning

In the last two parts we walked you through how to transcribe and caption your video. In this part we'll be discussing how to export your work. 

Part 5

Next Steps

Thank you very much for watching our Captioning for Beginners course. We truly hope you've learned something about creating video subtitles. If you want to try captioning your own videos, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial of Closed Caption Creator by visiting our pricing page.

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