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Closed Captioning For Beginners


Welcome to closed captioning for beginners. In this course you'll learn how to create subtitles and closed captioning for video.

AV Transcription Basics

In this video we're going to walk you through how to transcribe your video. Transcription is the process of taking the audio and converting it to text. This can be done manually by a person, or automatically using the power of AI.

Caption Spotting

Spotting is the step in your closed caption workflow where you assign timecodes to the start and end of each caption event. This process is also known as cueing, time coding, or timing.

How To Export Subtitles & Closed Captioning

In the last two parts we walked you through how to transcribe and caption your video. In this part we'll be discussing how to export your work.

Next Steps

In this video we recommend next steps you can take to pursue a career in closed captioning, and transcription.

Getting Started With Closed Caption Creator

Welcome to Creator 8

Learn more about Closed Caption Creator and how to automatically create subtitles for your video. Closed Caption Creator can help you create, edit, and publish closed captioning, and subtitles in a wide range of formats.

Getting Started

Welcome to the new Closed Caption Creator 8! In this video we provide an overview of user interface and walk you through creating subtitles for your video video.

Events & Event Group

Learn how you can manage multiple languages in a single project using Events and Event Groups.

Automatic Transcription

Learn how to automatically convert your audio to text using Closed Caption Creator. In this video we also look at how you can manage your transcripts using the Import Dashboard.

Automatic Translation

Closed Caption Creator allows users to automatically translate subtitles and offers an intuitive UI for making any edits.

Video Export

Learn how to export your video with burnt-in subtitles (open captions). In this video we also look at using the style panel for changing the look and position of your subtitles.

Subtitle File Import/Export

Closed Caption Creator supports over 25 different subtitle file formats and profiles. Learn how you can import existing subtitles to make any changes/edits. Then, export your work in the same or different format.

Project Management

Learn more about how you can manage your subtitle projects in Closed Caption Creator. We review the cloud storage and local storage options for saving and loading projects.

Creating Audio Descriptions

Closed Caption Creator now supports the ability to create audio descriptions for your video. Learn how to produce scripts, and even export audio mixdowns using our virtual voice integration with Google.

QC & Review

In this video we look at the QC and Review workflow in Closed Caption Creator. Learn how to quickly identify issues with your subtitles and closed captioning.

Video & Caption Lock

In this video we explain how the video and caption lock toggles work in Closed Caption Creator. We also review the Preview Play, and Pause-While-Typing Feature to make manual transcription much easier!

Timing & Sync

Learn how to easily sync subtitles and video using Closed Caption Creator 8. In this video we review the Timing and Sync panel used for live timing in Closed Caption Creator.

Team Projects

Work collaboratively in Closed Caption Creator. Work on the same project as a team to quickly create subtitles, closed captioning, and translations. Team Projects are a great way to get your subtitles made fast!

Scene Change Detection

Closed Caption Creator now supports automatic scene change detection. When you load a video we'll automatically detect scene changes and display them on the timeline using marker. You can also snap your events to scene changes using the automatic "Snap To Scene Changes" option.

Search & Replace

Navigate your project using Search and Replace. Quickly fix misspelt names, or replace words that auto transcription didn't recognize. Search and replace can be an invaluable tool in the right scenarios.

Caption QuickTips

Project Setup

Learn how to setup your first project inside of Closed Caption Creator. In this quick tip we walk through the first five steps you should take when creating your first subtitle project.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn how to configure your own custom keyboard shortcuts inside of Closed Caption Creator.

Error Detection

Catch errors in real time when captioning your videos. Don't wait for your project manager or client to point out issues - learn how to find them first.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate your subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts with the press of a button.

Automatic Captioning & Subtitles

Learn how to automatically generate subtitles and closed captioning for your videos using ASR, and speech-to-text services.

Project Sharing

Learn how to share projects with team members and work collaboratively to turn around work even faster.

Editor Controls

In this video we walk through each of the editor controls to help you better understand each function.

Standard Workflows

Transcription Workflow

Learn how to create subtitles or closed captioning starting from a transcript file. In this video we take song lyrics and import them to create closed captioning. Sometimes automatic transcription doesn't work, especially for music. This process makes it easy to sync your transcript with your video.

More videos coming soon...

Monthly Release Videos

August 2022 Release

In version 1.8.12 we released our new Automatic Sync tool, Proxy RT, and new Local Storage settings.

July 2022 Release

In version 1.8.10 we introduce subtitle batch export, event group segmentation, and a brand new Audio Description (DV) Plugin. Watch the video to see even more.

June 2022 Release

In version 1.8.9 we released new Editor Options, Keyboard Shortcuts, and the ability to update the caption style of multiple events.

May 2022 Release

In version 1.8.8 we released Event Templates, illegal character checks, and foot pedal support.

April 2022 Release

Introducing Automatic Project Backup, Event Metadata updates, and overlap detection.

March 2022 Release

Learn more about service providers, real-time error detection, and more!

February 2022 Release

In this video we review some of the new features announce in the February update for Closed Caption Creator.

January 2022 Release

Find out what's new in version 1.8.3 of Closed Caption Creator. The January release offers a bunch of new functionality and bug fixes including AD templates, express tools, and overlap detection in style guides.

More videos coming soon...

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