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Getting Started

Learn some of the basics of Closed Caption Creator by creating your first subtitle project

Automatic Captioning

Automatically create closed captioning and subtitles.


A summary of all of the different workspaces provided by Closed Caption Creator.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your closed captioning and subtitle workspace by learning how to set custom keyboard shortcuts.

Premiere Pro Integration

Learn how to create closed captioning for Premiere Pro and other non-linear editors (e.g. Avid MC, and FCP X).

Live Preview + Lock Toggles

Learn how to live preview your closed captioning and lock toggle configuration.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate your subtitles to over 100 languages!

Transcription Workspace

Dive deeper into the Transcription workspace. Learn how to creat transcripts for editors and producers.

Plain Text Import

Learn how to import transcripts and plain text files into Closed Caption Creator.

Timing & Sync

Learn how to sync captions to your video using the Caption Timing Controls. Easily time out your captions in faster than real-time!

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