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Automatic Subtitles

Automatically generate subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts in over 25 different languages.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate subtitles, and closed captioning to 100+ languages.

Desktop & Web

Available for Windows 7+, MacOS, Linux, and Google's Chrome Browser.

File Import/Export

Support for over 25 different subtitle, and closed caption file formats.

Video Export

Add subtitles to your video to help increase engagement on social media platforms.

Interactive Timeline

Use the interactive timeline to navigate your project and adjust the timing of subtitles.


Create and edit closed captioning for video

Closed Caption Creator is used by broadcasters and content teams all over the world to create subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts. If you need a better way to create closed captioning and subtitles, Closed Caption Creator is a great choice. Deliver captioning in almost any format you require.

  • No video upload required
  • Unlimited projects and languages
  • No storage or file size restrictions
  • Flexible pricing with no commitment
  • 24/7 email & live chat support

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Watch how easy it is to generate automatic subtitles using Closed Caption Creator. More Videos.

Free Training & Resources

We release new videos every month highlighting new features and workflows.

Automatic Transcription

Automatically generate subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts using the power of AI inside of Closed Caption Creator.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate your subtitles to over 50 different languages using Closed Caption Creator. Powered by DeepL, and ModernMT.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your subtitle workflow using custom keyboard shortcuts. Control playback, and insert new events without touching the mouse.

Realtime Error Detection

Catch errors as you make them using Realtime Error Detection. Visual alarms are shown when technical mistakes are made.

Feature Comparison

 Starter  Pro  Enterprise
Ai Tools
Automatic Subtitles (Transcription)*300 Minutes600 MinutesCustom
Automatic Translation
Automatic Scene Detection**
Automatic Sync (Forced Alignment)
File Import
Transcript Import (.txt)
Subtitle Import (SRT, WebVTT, SCC, TTML, XML, PAC, MCC, EBU-STL, Avid DS, SBV, SUB, and many more) 
Extract closed captioning from MXF source****
Local and Cloud File Playback (H.264, WebM, Ogg, MP3 Audio, and Wave PCM)
3rd Party Player Support (YouTube, and Vimeo)
Custom Data Import (.csv)
File Export
Transcript Export (.txt, .csv, and .docx)
Burn subtitles into video**
Embed closed captions (608 & 708)****Plugin RequiredPlugin RequiredPlugin Required
Basic Subtitle Export (SRT, WebVTT, XML, TTML, SBV, SUB, and many more)
Advanced Subtitle Export (SCC, MCC, and EBU-STL)
Audio Description Export (VO, and Mixdown)***Plugin RequiredPlugin RequiredPlugin Required
Additional Features
Interactive Timeline with audio waveform
Foot Pedal Control
Cross Platform (Window, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)
Custom Subtitle Styling (e.g. font, positioning, color, background, outline, shadow, and more)
No storage or file size restrictions
Unlimited Exports and Projects
Unlimited style guides, and automatic QC tools
Automatic Replacement & Shortforms
Realtime Error Detection
Team projects and collaboration
Number of Users15Unlimited
Updates & Support
24/7 Email & Live Chat Support
Monthly software updates
Free training webinars
Priority Support
Account Manager

*Additional usage is charged per minute of content at a cost of $0.10/minute. Minutes can not be carried over.

**Available when using the desktop version only

***Requires Audio Description Plugin (additional cost)

****Requires Closed Caption Embed & Extraction Plugin (additional cost)


We are here to help you find the answers to your questions.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.

Closed Caption Creator supports over 25 different closed caption and subtitle file formats including common web formats (e.g. SRT, and VTT), as well as broadcast formats (e.g. SCC, MCC, STL, and TTML). A complete list of supported types can be found here. We rely on Closed Caption Converter to perform caption file imports and exports.

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different languages for Automatic Transcription (speech-to-text) including English, French, Spanish, Greek, German, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Mandarin, Hindi, Danish, Czech, Finnish, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and more. Closed Caption Creator is updated every month with new languages. If your language is not listed above there is a good chance it has been added in a recent update.

Yes. Closed Caption Creator supports RTL languages by enabling RTL in your Event Group settings. Custom fonts can also be be imported to better support RTL captioning.

Yes. Closed Caption Creator allows users to change the position, font, size, and format of your subtitles. Custom fonts can even be imported using the Font Manager found in the Options menu. Format options include bold, italics, and underline.

Yes. Closed Caption Creator allows users to export video with burnt-in subtitles in a number of different formats and aspect ratios. Aspect ratio support includes 16:9, 4:3,  9:16, and 1:1.

In order to add team members to your account you must be subscribed to either our Pro or Enterprise plans. Contact your account manager or support in order to add/remove/update members of your team.

Closed Caption Creator has integrated DeepL, and ModernMT into our application in order to offer Automatic Translation. Language support is based on the provider you select from the translation dropdown list. For a complete list of languages please visit DeepL and ModernMT.

Yes. Closed Caption Creator is very secure. Your video or audio files are never uploaded to our servers unless you choose to use Automatic Transcription.  Automatic Transcription is the only feature that requires access to your media. Once the audio is transcribed, the file is permanently deleted from our servers.

Yes. You can import your own existing transcript (.txt) or subtitle files. You do not have to use the Automatic Transcription feature.


We offer easy and affordable pricing with no commitment. 

All plans include a free 7 day trial.

You can switch or cancel your plan at any time.
If you have any questions about our pricing please feel free to contact us.

Save up to 20% on annual subscriptions



$240/billed annually


  • Automatic Subtitles (300 min/month)*
  • Burn subtitles into video
  • Subtitle file export (excluding SCC, MCC, and EBU STL)
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)

View a complete list of features above for more info.

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$480/billed annually


  • Up to 5 team members
  • Automatic Sync
  • Automatic Subtitles (600 min/month)*
  • Automatic Translation (100,000 characters/month)**
  • Burn subtitles into video
  • Subtitle file export
  • Project Sharing
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)

View a complete list of features above for more info.

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Custom Pricing Available


  • Unlimited Users
  • Priority Support
  • Automatic Sync
  • Automatic Subtitles
  • Automatic Translation
  • Burn subtitles into video
  • Subtitle file export
  • Project Sharing
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)

View a complete list of features above for more info.

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*Additional usage is charged per minute of content at a cost of $0.10/minute.

**Additional usage is charged per character at a cost of $0.00005/character.





$360/billed annually

 Audio Description Plugin v2

Create Audio Description and DV Audio tracks using Closed Caption Creator. Learn More...

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$360/billed annually

 Closed Caption Embed & Extraction Plugin

Embed & extract closed caption data from MXF broadcast files. Support for 608 and 708 data track information. Contact support for more details. 

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