Create subtitles and closed captioning for your videos

Closed Caption Creator is used by teachers, broadcasters, and video makers to create closed captioning and videos with subtitles.

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Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome

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Unlimited Videos | Unlimited Minutes | Unlimited Options

Create subtitles for as many videos as you like with no restriction on duration or size. Generate subtitles automatically, create caption files, or export videos with subtitles burnt-in. Closed Caption Creator is designed for teachers, broadcaters, and video makers.

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Over 80% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound.

Providing subtitles or closed captioning for your videos helps you reach a wider audience and means more people can enjoy your content.

- American Press Institute (2016)


Closed Caption Creator is a desktop application available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Users can also use the Web version in Chrome if they prefer. Here are a few of our other popular features.  


Automatically convert audio to text using our subtitle generator. 

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Automatically translate text with support for over 100 different languages and dialects. 

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Export Video

Export video with burnt-in subtitles matching the original source quality. 

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Transcribe content using a dedicated workspace with custom keyboard shortcuts and automatic speech-to-text

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Convert video and
caption files

Export Captions

Export sidecar caption files including SRT, WebVTT, SCC, and more.

Videos & Training

Learn how to create closed captioning and subtitles so that they meet accessibility and broadcast requirements. We offer free webinars and video tutorials to all of our users.

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We offer paid training seminars to teams and organizations who wish to integrate Closed Caption Creator into their existing video workflows. Contact us to learn more

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$15.99 / month

Billed annually

  • Cross-platform support (Window, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)
  • Install on up to three devices
  • Create SRT, WebVTT, and TTML files.
  • Export video with burnt-in subtitles
  • Custom workspace for 
  • Free upgrades and email support
SAVE 20%


$31.99 / month

Billed annually

  • Cross-platform support (Window, Mac, Linux, and Chrome)
  • Install on up to three devices
  • Create SCC, STL, and MCC files.
  • Export video with burnt-in subtitles
  • Custom workspace for transcribing
  • Ai Tools Included (Automatic Speech-To-Text and Translation)
  • Free upgrades, and email support

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Target Customer Corporate, independent, academic, government, houses of worship
Caption service providers, TV networks, post facilities
Automation Tools
Automatic Timing
Coming Soon
Automatic Translation

Automatic Speech-to-Text

Scene Change Detection *NEW*

File Export
Export SRT, WebVTT, SBV/SUB, and DFXP
Export SCC, MCC, EBU-STL, Avid DS (txt), and SMPTE-TTML
Video Export (H.264, MOV and MP4) with burnt-in subtitles
File Import
Plain-text (txt) import

Caption Import (SCC, SRT, EBU-STL, MCC, Avid-DS, XML, TTML, DFXP, and WebVTT)

3rd Party Player Support (YouTube & Vimeo)

Local and Cloud File Playback (H.264, WebM, Ogg, MP3 Audio, and Wave PCM)

Additional Features
Transcription Workspace *NEW*
Classic Workspace *NEW*
Subtitle Workspace *NEW*
Spellcheck *NEW*
Dynamic timeline with audio waveform display

Quick Timing Controls

Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux

Online Web App

Updates & Support
Email support

Updates included

Webinar training

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