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Create closed captioning and subtitles for broadcast and film.

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Application screenshot showing an open project in Closed Caption Creator. The video player is shown on the left, and the subtitle editor is located on the right. There is a timeline component located at the bottom of the screenshot.
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Deliver 100% accurate closed captioning for your viewers

Reduce errors and deliver perfect captions every time.

Create & Edit

Transcribe and edit captions in less time

Closed Caption Creator helps save time captioning videos by providing access to advanced automation, custom keyboard shortcuts, and batch editing.

Automatic Captioning

Generate accurate captions in just a few clicks using the power of AI. Closed Caption Creator includes access to the best AI Transcription services out of the box. Learn More...

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can set up their own custom keyboard shortcuts to help increase productivity when performing manual transcription, spotting, or formatting caption text.

Batch Editing

Users can select multiple caption Events at once and perform batch edits (e.g. inserting speaker IDs, aligning caption text, updating position, etc.)

QC & Review

Automatically find and fix caption errors

Closed Caption Creator allows users to configure their own custom style guides, and Error Detection Settings. These settings are then used to automatically identify and fix errors.

Realtime Error Detection

Realtime Error Detection (RED) alerts appear next to Caption Events in the editor list to notify the user of potential issues such as exceeding the maximum character length. Learn More...

Custom Style Guides

Style Guides are a collection of technical and content rules that a project must follow. Automatic Checks and QC Reports can be generated based on the selected Style Guide. Learn More...

Custom Tags, Notes, and Approvals

Teams can use custom tags, notes, and Event Approval state (pass/fail) in order to communicate the QC status of a project or Caption Event Group.

Export & Delivery

Export closed captioning in multiple formats and styles

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different closed caption file formats, as well as transcripts, dialogue lists, and more. 

Sidecar Caption Files

Export a sidecar caption or subtitle file in over 30 different formats including SRT, VTT, TTML, XML, and many more. Learn More...

Video Export with Burnt-In Subtitles

The desktop version of Closed Caption Creator allows users to export video in multiple formats with burnt-in subtitles (open captions). Learn More...

Embedded 608/708 Captioning*

With the Closed Caption Embed & Extraction Plugin, users can embed 608 and 708 captions into a broadcast video file without the need to re-encode the video. Format support includes MP4, MXF, MOV, and more. Learn More...

*Requires CC Embed & Extraction Plugin

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Meet tight deadlines while still delivering high-quality captioning
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Closed Caption Creator has transformed our closed captioning process, reducing turnaround times significantly. Its automated transcription, editing tools, and customization options have improved efficiency, ensuring high-quality captions for broadcast in record time. A game-changer for content producers and broadcasters.

Blaise Buxton

Director of Engineering | YesTV

YesTV is a commercial television station committed to positive, family-friendly, entertainment programming. The media accessibility team uses Closed Caption Creator to deliver closed captioning, and audio descriptions for content produced both in-house and from external providers.

Why Closed Caption Creator

We continue to innovate and provide dedicated solutions to help you create accessible media.

Monthly Updates

Receive new updates every month that include new features and bug fixes.

Support & Training

Book 1:1  virtual training for teams, and access technical support via email and live chat.


Take advantage of the ability to integrate Closed Caption Creator with your existing OMS or MAM system.

Professional Services

Closed Caption Creator can be customized to meet your specific workflow requirements.

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Create closed captioning, subtitles, transcripts, and audio descriptions all in one application. Closed Caption Creator is made for broadcast and captioning teams who are committed to delivering high-quality, accessible video. Sign up now, or contact us for a live demo. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Closed Caption Creator offers the convenience of both a desktop and web application. With our versatile solution, you won't have to make a difficult choice. Install Closed Caption Creator on your computer for seamless access, or effortlessly run it directly in your web browser.

Yes! Closed Caption Creator is compatible with Google's Chrome Browser.

Yes, we offer an offline version that can be installed on any desktop and does not require an internet connection.

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different closed caption and subtitle formats. A complete list of supported formats can be found here.

No! Closed Caption Creator empowers you to easily edit existing caption files and transcripts, or take full control by transcribing manually.

Choose the plan that fits your needs: our Starter plan offers 300 minutes per month, while our Pro plan provides 600 minutes per month. If you require additional minutes, they can be added at a cost of just $0.10 per minute.

Closed Caption Creator does not support live captioning at this time. It is currently on our roadmap and should be available in early 2024. 

Yes! You can easily update the position and style of your subtitles and closed captioning using the position controls, and style panel.

You can easily add and remove team members from your team by logging into Closed Caption Creator and going to Help -> Manage Team.

You can manage your subscription by visiting our customer portal.

More Features

Automatic Captioning

Generate closed captioning and subtitles in just a few clicks. We provide access to the most accurate AI transcription services such as Deepgram, Speechmatics, and Assembly AI.

Learn More

Machine Translation

Automatically translate subtitles, and closed captioning to over 70 different languages. Our dedicated Translation UI makes it easy to review and edit translations.

Learn More

Team Collaboration

Deliver projects in less time using Closed Caption Creator's collaboration and sharing features. Team members can work together on the same project at the same time.

Learn More

Burnt-In Subtitles

Export video with burnt-in subtitles (open captions) in whatever style you like. Use custom fonts, colors, formats, and positioning. Export video for social media and more.

Learn More

QC & Review

Review and approve work completed by other members of your team. Add notes, custom tags, and other metadata to help in your approvals workflow.

Learn More

Format Support

Closed Caption Creator supports over 30 different subtitle file formats including plaintext transcripts, SRT, SCC, WebVtt, and more. Deliver work to clients in any format they require.

Learn More