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Frequently Asked Questions

Automatic Transcription

Can I edit the automatic subtitles?

Yes! You can easily edit automatic transcriptions once you import them into your project using the Transcript Import Dashboard. Learn more by watching this short video. 

Subscription & Plans

How do I manage my subscription?

You can easily manage your subscription using our self-serve portal found here. From here you can update your payment info, cancel your subscription, download invoices, or upgrade your plan.

Subscription & Plans

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes! If you want to pause your subscription (and not cancel) you can simply contact support and we would be happy to pause your subscription.

By pausing your subscription we will continue to store your project files, and transcripts for when you decide to reactivate. If instead you decide to cancel, all personal data is deleted from our system within 30 days.

Automatic Transcription

What languages are supported by Automatic Transcription?

A complete list of languages can be found here.


How do I request a new feature?

You can request a new feature by contacting our support team here. Our product manager will follow up for more information on your request or to let you know when you can expect a feature to be done.

Subscription & Plans

Can I install Closed Caption Creator on more than one computer?

Yes! You can install Closed Caption Creator on as many devices as you like.

All subscriptions are linked to a named user via their email address. This means that only one person can use a subscription at a time. If you require accounts for more than one user, we do offer discount pricing for teams. Please contact our sales team for more information.


Do you support RTL languages? 

Yes! RTL settings can be changed when you first create your event group using the New Event Group screen or the New Project screen. You can read the Getting Started section in our docs to learn more about enabling RTL for your event groups.


How do I upgrade to the latest version?

You can upgrade to the latest version by visiting our downloads page found here.


Can I add my own custom fonts to Closed Caption Creator?

Yes! You can add your own custom fonts by going to the Font Manager found in the Options menu. You can watch our video on Video Export that shows you how to add a custom font to your project.

Automatic Translation

What languages are supported for Automatic Translation

A complete list of languages can be found here.


How do I contact support for help or to ask a question?

If you need help you can contact our support team using the contact form found here.


I would like to request a training session for my team

Please schedule a training session using the contact form on our support page. Feel free to provide details about your workflow and any topics you would like covered so that we can personalize training to your requirements.

File Support

What subtitle file formats are supported?

A full list of file formats can be found here. If you require a new profile added to the list of supported formats please contact our support team to make the request.

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Please contact us with any questions you may have.