Add subtitles to your video in 3 easy steps.

Over 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Add subtitles to your video to help engage users.

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How To Add Subtitles To Video

Automatically create subtitles you can edit and style however you like


Transcribe Audio

Automatically transcribe your audio and video files using the power of AI. Closed Caption Creator supports over 20 different languages and dialects. There is no limitation on file size or duration. 

Automatic Transcription is being used to convert audio to text.


Edit & Style

Change the look of your subtitles to match your brand. Adjust the position, font, size, color, spacing, and format using the simple WYSIWYG editor. You can even import your own custom fonts.

The style panel is being used to change the look of the subtitles.


Publish & Share

Export your video with burnt-in subtitles (open captions) using presets for Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Automatically crop your video for Instagram without sacrificing quality.

The video exporter is working to export the video with burnt-in subtitles.

Make your videos accessible with subtitles

There are many solutions available online for adding subtitles to your video.
Closed Caption Creator offers better value by providing higher accuracy, and over 300 free minutes of transcription every month.

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Free Training & Resources

We release new videos every month highlighting new features and workflows.

Automatic Transcription

Automatically generate subtitles, closed captioning, and transcripts using the power of AI inside of Closed Caption Creator.

Automatic Translation

Automatically translate your subtitles to over 50 different languages using Closed Caption Creator. Powered by DeepL, and ModernMT.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your subtitle workflow using custom keyboard shortcuts. Control playback, and insert new events without touching the mouse.

Realtime Error Detection

Catch errors as you make them using Realtime Error Detection. Visual alarms are shown when technical mistakes are made.

New Interface | Better Performance

Closed Caption Creator has a powerful NEW interface designed with feedback from captioners and industry professionals.

The user interface of subtitle editor showing how to add subtitles to video.
  • 1 Media Player

    The media player supports multiple audio, and video formats. Users can import media from local storage, YouTube, Vimeo, or cloud storage (e.g. AWS S3).

  • 2 QuickTools Drawer

    The QuickTools Drawer is where users will find tools to help when creating subtitles. Edit your subtitle style, search and replace key words and phrases, and check your work using custom style guides.

  • 3 Event Groups

    Event Groups gives you greater control in how you choose to organize your project. For example, you can create event groups to manage multiple languages, or have multiple event groups for different members of your team when working collaboratively.

  • 4 Event Editor

    The Event Editor is where you will find all of your subtitle events listed along with important metadata. Each event allows you to update the start and end timecodes, position, text, and caption style.

  • 5 Interactive Timeline

    The Interactive Timeline provides an alternative view of the events from the Event Editor (4). Built around the simplicity of drag-and-drop, users can update the timing of events, and even create new events all from the Timeline.

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