Release Notes

Version 1.8.22


 Release Video
New Features
  • Automatic Align - Missing Dialogue Detection
  • Reply textbox added to Notes
  • Notes and Reply status checkboxes
  • New default AD Export Presets for loud audio masking
  • Automatic Sort of Event List based on Timeline Changes
  • New Excel File Script Import Profiles (Subtitle)
  • Lock Button Shortcuts added
  • Navigate Events by Event Id
  • Assign Timecodes based on CPS
Bug Fixes
  • Spellcheck panel shows Event text instead of id
  • EBU-STL # parsing fixed
  • Markers resort by time when edited or created
  • Remind User to Save on Quit
  • Shift Word/Line Next/Prev updates timecodes
  • Drastic CC Embed & Extraction Plugin Updates
  • Click and Drag import of subtitles should behave the same as importing via the subtitle import menu.

Version 1.8.21


New Features
  • CCSL Export Support
  • Export Markers as CSV
  • Create Event Group from Markers Group
  • Copy Text From Track 2
  • Shot Change Detection Level Options
Bug Fixes
  • Team Sync Update Events
  • Scroll-To Errors fixed
  • AD Waveform Generation Fixed
  • Subtitle Export missing group check
  • Fixed Loading Media From Storage Explorer
  • Team Share Warnings Updated
  • Many other bug fixes as required

Version 1.8.20


 Release Video
New Features
  • Offline Version of Closed Caption Creator Available
  • SubRip positioning Support added
  • Team Workflow Warnings added for issues
  • Timing and Sync Panel shortcuts and settings menu added
  • Audio Description Selection Export Support
  • New AD French Canadian Voices added
Bug Fixes
  • ADR Preview fixed when showing multiple events at once
  • EBU-TT support added for MS timecode
  • PAC File Decoder remove Dummy End of File text
  • Subtitle Import should behave the same with Drag-n-Drop workflow
  • Automatic Offset is now optional when importing subtitles
  • Team Sync Hides Event Groups (Fixed)
  • Merge Events shortcut behaves the same as button
  • Binary File Import Fails in Browser (Fixed)

Version 1.8.19


 Release Video
New Features
  • OpenAi added as Machine Translation Service Providers
  • A.I. Script Assistant (AD Plugin Required)
  • Video Filters Panel added to QuickTools
  • CSS Color Modes Support Added (Light & Dark Mode)
  • Workspaces Added + Split Panes Layout
  • Support for Automatic Transcription of YouTube Media
  • ADR Preview with ticker tape animation (AD Plugin Required)
  • MIDI Device Control (AD Plugin Required)
  • Transcription Pedal Support
  • AD Waveform (AD Plugin Required)
  • Ooona XML Export Profile Added
  • EBU-STL Color Support
  • Line Up / Line Down Controls added in Caption Mode
  • Translation Workflow Updated with Translation Job History Dashboard
  • Work Order API available for any 3rd party application
  • CaptionPlus Format Support Added
  • Insert Speaker Name Onto Same Line
  • DaVinci Resolve Cue List Export Support Added
Bug Fixes
  • SCC Export with Center Alignment Options
  • Usage Dashboard Fixed to show correct estimates
  • MCC Export Fixes
  • PAC Import Fixes

Version 1.8.18


 Release Video
New Features
  • Closed Caption & Subtitle Mode - Automatically set preview to 15x 32 grid
  • 11ElevenLabs Integration
  • Spelling & Grammar Check
  • Markers Panel
  • Commit History panel added to Team Project Workspace
  • Duration property added to Dialogue List Export
  • Render Event keyboard shortcut
  • Trim to Audio Duration keyboard shortcut
  • Tags Manager persists between projects
  • AD Export - AutoMix Presets updated
Bug Fixes
  • Meta Key support to select multiple Events on Mac fixed
  • AD Export of large projects fixed
  • Remove SDH Apply All Fixed
  • Dialogue List Export with Tags fixed

Version 1.8.17


 Release Video
New Features
  • Iconik round-trip integration
  • Automatic Timing Correction
  • Automatic Formatting *NEW*
  • Event Notes Panel added to QuickTools drawer
  • Dialogue List Export (CSV, and DocX)
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • AD Preview and playback fixes
  • CSV Export Fixes
  • Machine translation updates
  • Auto Line Breaking for Chinese languages
  • PAC Turkish Decode
  • Export QC Report Fixed

Version 1.8.16


 Release Video
New Features
  • Project Incode option added
  • Track 2 Timeline Functionality (Compare Track)
  • Automatic Translation Workflow - Sentence Translation
  • Batch Transcription Panel
  • Event UI updated to supported Tags, Speakers,  and Notes
  • Event Approvals added
  • 20+ Voices Added to AD Plugin
  • Multi-channel Audio Support Added
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Automatic Sync Updates Applied
  • 23.976 Frame Rate Support Fixed
  • Frame Rate Inputs now display the correct frame rate
  • Event Metrics calculation fixed
  • Shift Word Forward fixed
  • UI Scaling and Resolution Support improved

Version 1.8.15


 Release Video
New Features
  • Additional loudness normalization options added to AD Export panel
  • AutoMix Presets updated for AD Export
  • Sync Changes option added to Translation Event Groups
  • Pre-Checks added to Video Export
  • Automatic frame rate and incode detection (desktop only)
  • Scroll position and selected Events persist when switching Event Groups
  • Team Management dashboard added
  • New Team Sharing panel with Event Group options
  • Text submenu added to Format menu
  • Timing mode compensation added to Timing & Sync panel
  • Notification Emails Setup
  • ... keyboard shortcut added
  • 5 Frame and 10 Frame keyboard shortcuts added
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Assembly Ai Transcript Import fixed
  • Open project from desktop failed (Windows) (fixed)
  • Merge Events dashboard crashed application (fixed)
  • Fixed "Render Audio" in batches for audio description

Version 1.8.14


 Release Video
New Features
  • What's New modal added
  • Duration Checks added to Realtime Error Detection
  • Short forms and Auto Replacement Tool Added
  • Additional Style Guide Options added
  • New QC & Review Panel added
  • Inherit Event Styles when inserting new Event
  • Automatic Checks | Ignore All option added
  • Batch Formatting (Bold, Italics, Underline, and Clear)
  • New Caption Position Controls added
  • Scene Change Markers display overtop of timeline
  • Insert Event button added to the selected event
  • Automatic Translation is now done in batches
  • Shortcut Keys for +/- Frames added
  • Shortcut Keys for Go to First/Last Event
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Copy All Events freeze issue fixed
  • Dismiss notifications fixed
  • SCC Exports now include proper positioning
  • Fixed "Render Audio" in batches for audio description
  • Project Import - Load Media Fixes
  • Save Project when no project exists fixed
  • Team sync fallback to check job status (instead of timing out)
  • Automatic Sync | Event Order Check added
  • Audio Waveform Drawing Fixed

Version 1.8.13 (PATCH)


New Features
  • Increase and decrease playback speed (shortcut keys)
  • ProCap Transfer Export Support Added
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Automatic Save - Extended to 30 days
  • MAC - Open ccprj files from drive
  • MAC - Copy/Paste Fixes
  • Audio Track Performance Optimization
  • Project Import - Load Media Fixes

Version 1.8.12


 Release Video
New Features
  • 'Use Local Storage' option added
  • Illegal Character Checks added to Style Guides
  • HLS Streaming Support
  • Proxy RT (RealTime)
  • Automatic Sync (Forced Alignment)
  • AutoMix presets added to AD Export window
  • 8x and 16x playback speed options added
  • Timecode display can be updated manually by user
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Subtitle Import Options saved to user settings
  • Bootstrap 5 UI Framework Update

Version 1.8.11 (PATCH)


New Features
  • New Tags Workflow
  • New Speaker Workflow
  • Long Press Timing Support (Timing & Sync Panel)
  • Forced Narrative Subtitle (FNS) Support 
  • QuickTools Custom Views Supported
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • AD Templates bug fix
  • Search & Replace bug fix

Version 1.8.10


 Release Video
New Features
  • Event Group Segmentation Panel
  • AWS Polly Service Provider Added
  • Microsoft Virtual Voice Service Provider Added
  • Virtual Voice Manager Panel
  • Virtual Voice QuickTools Added
  • Loudness Normalization On AD Export
  • AutoMix Support added to AD Export
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Transcription Export - Reverse Order Fixed
  • Remove whitespace when expanding and compressing events.
  • AD Event Groups Available in Subtitle Export

Version 1.8.9 (PATCH)


 Release Video
New Features
  • Tips & Tricks Modal
  • Estimated Completion Time added to Transcript Import Dashboard
  • Regex Search option added to Search Tool
  • Surround Music Note Shortcut Added
  • Auto Line Breaks Added to Subtitle Event Editor
  • Editor Options Added (multiple)
  • Change Caption Style (batch)
  • Go to start/end of event shortcut added
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Word Up/Down shortcut function fixed
  • Video Lock option works for AD Event Groups
  • Team Projects now save media settings
  • Split Event does not fail
  • Fixed SDH removal bug
  • SCC Offset Position fixed for exports

Version 1.8.8


 Release Video
New Features
  • Illegal Character Detection added to Realtime Error Detection
  • Speechmatics added to Transcription Service Providers
  • Voicegain added to Transcription Service Providers
  • Multi-select and drag support added to Timeline
  • Event Templates added to Quick Tools drawer
  • New video export profiles added
  • Foot Pedal Support
  • Copy/paste Timecodes
  • Clear Timecodes
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Precheck errors now scrolls to the correct event when abort is selected
  • Push/pull words respects the max characters set at the group level
  • Zoom no longer returns to 100 on desktop
  • Snap to Event Beginnings added to Format Menu

Version 1.8.7 (PATCH)


Bug Fixes
  • AD Export for Mac Path issue resolved
  • Media File is imported along with the project
  • TC Offset panel reads current time from player
  • Disable Load Project button when project import is in progress

Version 1.8.6


 Release Video
New Features
  • Overlap Detection added to Realtime Error Detection Options
  • ModernMT translation Service Provider added
  • Audio Waveform Redraw + Amplitude Options
  • Itunes Time Text Export Support Added
  • Insert Music Note Shortcut Key
  • Page Up and Page Down Shortcut Keys Added
  • Creator 7 Project File Support Added
  • Characters Per Line (CPL) and Total Characters added to Event Metadata
  • Automatic Transcription support added for Cloud URLs
  • Block Import option added to Transcript Import
  • Automatic Event Group Save & Restore
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • DLP Cinema Importer Fixed
  • Remove line breaks in events from SRT on export
  • LowerCase All/Selected Added
  • Play/Pause Global Shortcut Fixed

Version 1.8.5


 Release Video
New Features
  • Realtime Error Detection (CPM, WPM, Max Lines, and Max Characters)
  • DeepL translation Service Provider added
  • Assembly AI speech-to-text Service Provided added
  • Deepgram speech-to-text Service Provider added
  • Rev Ai speech-to-text Service Provider added
  • Usage Dashboard added to Help menu
  • Insert Blank Frames
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Menus close when clicking away
  • Navigating events using the previous and next event shortcut should also update the video timecode when video lock is enabled
  • Zoom Levels saved to local storage

Version 1.8.4


 Release Video
New Features
  • Remove SDH option added to Edit menu
  • Speaker Insert added to Insert menu
  • Drag and drop video to import
  • Drag and drop subtitle to import
  • Shortcuts added to Timing and Sync panel
  • Select All Events added to Context Menu
Bug Fixes
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Frame accuracy improved when working with locally sourced files

Version 1.8.3


 Release Video
New Features
  • Word shift forward and back added
  • Line shift forward and back added
  • Overlap Check added to Style Guides
  • AD Templates
  • Auto Format Custom panel added
  • Uppercase selected and uppercase all added
Bug Fixes
  • Search and Replace panel fixed
  • Transcript Export (docX) formatting fixed
  • DLP Cinema format updated with positioning

Version 1.8.2


New Features
  • Subtitle Export pre-checks added
  • PAC import support for positioning and formatting
  • Vitac file support added
  • Display Offset properties added to General Options
Bug Fixes
  • SCC file export fixed
  • MCC longform export fixed
  • Minor bugfixes and performance improvements

Version 1.8.1 


Bug Fixes
  • Login error fixed when not subscribed to the AD Plugin
  • Program crashes when removing Event Groups

Version 1.8.0 


New Features
  • Initial Release
  • Team Projects
  • Automatic Translation
  • Audio Description Event Group Support
Bug Fixes