Described video software made for script writers and producers

Create described video scripts in half the time with Closed Caption Creator. Our all-in-one solution now lets you create, preview, and export described video.

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Audio Export

Create DV audio tracks using virtual voices from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Live Preview

Preview your described video audio in real-time using our frame accurate video player.

Team Projects

Work on described video projects in collaboration with other team members. Sync changes in real time.

Interactive Timeline

Use our interactive timeline to navigate your project and adjust the start times of described video events.

Dialogue Detection

Automatically detect dialogue and generate DV templates to give you a head start.

Desktop or Browser

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Google's Chrome browser.


Described video software made for creatives

Watch how easy it is to create described video using Closed Caption Creator. In this video we walk through creating and exporting described video audio tracks. Create a VO-only WAV file or a complete DV mixdown with program audio. 

Don't let the name throw you off. Closed Caption Creator is more than a closed captioning tool. We now support advanced Audio Description (AD) and Described Video (DV) workflows.

Create scripts in half the time using our simple interface. We help streamline the process by providing advanced tools including an interactive timeline so that you can drag-and-drop your DV events to align with dialogue audio. You can even preview your scripts using text-to-speech powered by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. 

Export your work as a transcript file, or generate a DV audio mixdown using virtual voices in WAV and MP3 formats.

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Interactive Timeline

The interactive timeline makes it easy to navigate your project and update the start time of events. The audio waveform can also be used to ensure you events don't overlap with dialogue from the program audio.

Described Video Export

Export your work as a transcript, or audio file. Closed Caption Creator supports both WAV and MP3 audio exports. Using text-to-speech powered by Google, Amazon, and Microsoft you can create realistic VO tracks for broadcast. Mixdowns can include or exclude program audio.

Automatic Dialogue Detection

Automatically detect the dialogue in your video file and generate DV templates in just a few clicks. DV templates create events in your projects starting at the correct timecode so all you have to do is describe the scene and bring it to life!

Web and Desktop Support

Closed Caption Creator is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also access your work via the Chrome web browser. The only limitation when running the web version of Closed Caption Creator is the ability to export audio. This means you can work on a project in your web browser from anywhere, but when it comes time to export audio you will need to access Closed Caption Creator on a desktop computer.

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Closed Caption Creator is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome (browser). 

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